Comprehensive Property Management Services

Our team can provide customized solutions based on your specific investment goals. We can assist in the location of promising investments, acquisitions, renovations, management and sales – every step of the investment process.

We have experience in managing a wide range of properties. From single family residences and large apartment complexes of 200+ units, to commercial office and retail space, to HUD and various government subsidized housing, to storage facilities and Homeowner Associations.

With combined experience of over 50 years, we have assisted our clients and guided them throughout the cycles of multiple real estate markets. This is possible thanks to not only our highly scrutinized market and asset analysis but also our collective understanding and insight into local, federal and global political and economic trends and how they could directly or inversely affect our client’s real estate portfolio.

Let us show you the benefits of working with an experienced team, dedicated to achieving the outcomes you desired. Please contact us to learn more about our property management and investment services in Northern California.